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PureBalm GmbH

Pure Balm GmbH with the founders Ortwin Steinbach, René Betschart, Claudio Bergamin and Yves Reich want to re-establish a meat maturation method that has been forgotten.


The balm consists of the animal's own beef fat and is refined with mountain herbs, among other things.

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Advantages of meat ripening with Pure Balm

Butcher Hanging Rindfleisch


Meat loss

Compared to the dry aging method (approx. 40% meat loss) , our method practically does not cause any meat loss



towards the animal

The basic substance is animal fat. The waste resulting from the production of the balm is used as animal feed.


The balm will be used twice and is returned to its source in the end (Reuse of the balm)


of the balm

Gegrilltes Fleisch

Meat flavor

Embalming gives the meat a very authentic, pure taste.

Gebrochene Betonwand


"We all have to become aware again of how much passion and work farmers put into the rearing of each individual animal. To refine this meat through appreciation and without an enormous loss of resources - that is Pure Balm "

Sebastian Haase, certified meat sommelier